Our cost comparison is conservative and our analysis predicts the minimum amount of savings your church can expect to enjoy as a result of using washable communion cups. 

In an attempt to keep our analysis simple, we assigned just one value to each "variable".  And to keep our comparison conservative, we used values that favor disposables.  For example, we use low estimated costs for disposable cups and high estimated costs for running the dishwasher.  Additionally, we ignore the cost of extra trash bags for cup disposal, salaries for paid staff to monitor, order and pay for disposable cup inventory, and floor space needed to store large disposable cup inventories.  

The following explains why we haven't published a comparison for churches using a commercial style dishwasher (or sanitizer):

The biggest reason is our difficulty in finding per cycle machine cost data (which manufacturers don't provide).  Another is the extremely wide range of machine types and prices which make it hard to choose a machine cost that would be meaningful for a majority of churches.  Finally, a church's machine may well become obsolete before it wears out (again, depending on the type machine that was purchased), further complicating the per cycle machine cost calculation. While machine leasing is more common and might provide some workable numbers, leasing doesn't make much sense for churches due to the relatively low number of uses each month.

With this said, we do have some rule of thumb information (provided to us by a sales person for a machine leasing company):  The per cycle cost for water, electricity, detergent and rinsing agents is approximately $0.50.   This translates to a washing cost (excluding machine cost) of $.0042 per cup ($0.50 / 120 cups) where two Saint Saver Washer Racks (full of cups) are washed per cycle. 

If you would like to make a cost comparison given your existing sanitizing machine, please try factoring in your own per cycle machine cost estimates and this $.0042 per cup washing cost into our Cost Comparison For Churches Using A Residential Style Washer.

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