Each Saint Saver™ Washer Rack holds sixty (60) communion cups.

Four Saint Saver™Washer Racks fit into most residential style dishwashers (two in the top basket and two in the bottom).  

Two Saint Saver™Washer Racks fit into commercial dishwasher washing trays.

Saint Saver™Washer Rack dimensions: 8-5/16" wide x 18" long x 2-3/4" high.  An indention in the long sides accommodates the water distributing apparatus at the center of many residential style dishwashers.

Four extendable arms are attached to the lid (one at each corner) such that they slide in and out along the long edges of the lid. Therefore, two arms are extendable from each end of the lid. There are two reasons for extending the arms:

 1.  To attach the lid to the washer rack's bottom (cup holding tray). 
  To attach lid: Fully extend all arms, set the lid onto the cup holding tray, then slide the arms inward.
  Note: As the arms are retracted, the long edges of the washer rack's bottom (cup holding tray) are captured in a slot in the inside face of each arm.
 2.  To adjust the length of Saint Saver™ Washer Racks to fit your particular residential style washer.
    The outer end of each arm is formed to rest upon and engage the top edges of the dishwasher's top and bottom baskets thus allowing Saint Saver™Washer Racks to span           over (and not touch) the dishwasher basket's dish holding configurations. 

 Saint Saver™ Washer Racks are made with the following materials

 1. High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) for the top, bottom and sliding arms.
 2. 316 Stainless Steel for the two reinforcement bars.
 3. 18-8 Stainless steel for the alignment pin cap screws, locknuts, foot screws, and rivets that fasten the sliding arms to the top.
Nylon for alignment pin & foot spacers, foot receiving cap screws in the Washer Rack's top and rivet washers.

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