The table below compares the chores required to use disposable and washable cups.








Unpack needed quantity of cups
from storage / shipping container
Remove cup wrapping
Separate cups from each other
and place them in serving trays 

Retrieve Washer Racks full of clean cups from their storage location / cabinet
Remove Washer Rack lid/s 
Transfer cups to serving trays 



Retrieve cups from sanctuary
Put cups in trash or recycling bin
Take trash / recycling to outdoor
receptacle for pickup





Retrieve cups from sanctuary
Attach Washer Rack lid and put cup
filled Washer Racks in dishwasher
Add soap and run dishwasher
Remove racks from washer and stack to drain (commercial washers only)

Other Chores

Check inventory of disposable communion cups
Order and pay for more cups as needed
Receive new shipments of cups and place in storage location
Take soiled plastic cups to recycling center if necessary

Remove Washer Racks (full of clean cups) from dishwasher and place in storage location 


Transfer Washer Racks from draining station to storage location (commercial washers only)


As shown above, the effort required on Sunday mornings to use either disposable or glass cups is about equal.  I.e. for every chore required when using disposable cups, there is an equivalent chore required for washable ones.   However, disposable cups require chores at other times for which equivalent washable cup chores do not exist.  Those chores (written in red) represent the extra effort that disposable cups require as compared to what's required today with washables.

Using washable cups also saves money!  See our cost comparison for details.

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