Saint Saver Washer Racks hold communion cups for washing in automatic dishwashers and  for storage between services so every church can: 

  • Enjoy maximum convenience and sanitation
  • Preserve the dignity of every communion service
  • Exercise good stewardship of resources


Saint Saver™ makes washable cups convenient!

With the help of an automatic dishwasher and Saint Saver™ Washer Racks, two people accomplish in 5 minutes what used to take them fifty!

Cups are retrieved from the sanctuary directly into Saint Saver™ Washer Rack's bottom tray. The cups are thus carried to the kitchen where the washer rack lids are attached and the dishwasher is loaded.  After washing, the cup filled washer racks are stacked in their storage location to await the next service.






 " Now your church can use glass communion cups

   without saints in the kitchen to wash them! "

The most sanitary cups 
come from the dishwasher.

The modern solution for  communion convenience

Washables vs Disposables …  
 Compare the Effort  
 Compare the Cost

We have low prices on high quality glass communion cups

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